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Chuck Gipp                                                                     September 11th 2012

Director, Department of Natural Resources

Wallace Building 502 E 9th St

Des Moines, Iowa 50319


Dear Mr. Gipp,


Congratulations on your new position of Director of the Iowa Department of Natural resources.  I am sure you have taken the oath of office to uphold or support the constitution of the state of Iowa with your new position.  This letter is to inform you of my constitutional right to “protect property” and how I intend to use it on my property.


                         In accordance with the below code of Iowa rule:

Code of Iowa 48lA.87  OPEN SEASONS

“Except as otherwise provided, a person shall not take, capture, kill, or have in its possession a fur-bearing animal or any of its parts at any time except during the open season as set by the commission except where the killing, trapping, or ensnaring is for the protection of a person, or public, or private property with the prior permission of a duly appointed representative of the commission.  If prior permission is impractical or impossible to obtain and the fur-bearing animal represents a threat to a person, domestic animal, or private property, the fur-bearing animal may be taken without prior permission.  All fur-bearing animals and all parts thereof taken as provided in this section shall be disposed of on the site or shall be relinquished to a representative of the commission.”

In addition to fur bearing animals mentioned above, I have added deer and rabbits that I will remove to protect my property under the Supreme Court ruling # 30221, and the Iowa constitution “protecting property”.

   I am requesting permission from your agency to kill, trap, or ensnare destructive deer, rabbits, and certain fur bearing animals from my private property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to protect my property under the code of Iowa, Iowa constitution, and Iowa Supreme Court rulings.  I may or may not allow state sanctioned hunting, but hunting is a privilege and protecting my property is a right.  I will remove any animal species at any time, which is currently or has shown in the past to cause substantial damage to my property. 


I may employ others to remove deer, rabbits and fur bearing animals to protect my property from  damage and all persons will have in there possession, on file here, or in their vehicle a letter with my signature allowing them to do that.  I and others may be using artificial light to locate and remove destructive animals at night.  I and others will be using any legal to own firearm, trap, or snare to accomplish this task of protecting my property.  I have used the above methods of protecting my property the last 25 years and it does stop and prevent damage from destructive state animals.


All deer, rabbits and fur bearing animals that are killed, trapped or ensnared, will be available to your agency, and if requested we will notify you if you wish to pick up the deceased animals, Code of Iowa 48lA.87.  If you do not want the animals we have removed to protect my property, they will be buried or consumed by other wildlife in Iowa for nutrition.  No part of the deceased animal will be used by any person unless authorized by your agency.  I will allow your agency to catch and remove live animals, build and maintain a fence, or pay me for damages from destructive state animals if you wish to do that instead of approving my plan.


If I do not hear from you within 20 days of the receipt of this letter, approving of my plan to protect my property, or if you disapprove, submit and have approved, a detailed plan how your agency would protect my property from destructive state animals, it will be used for the time that you are the Director of the Iowa DNR, and for 6 months after the date you leave.






K. Kelly


cc. Jeff Renander, Cedar County Attorney

      Margo Underwood, NRC Chairman

      Eric Wright, Cedar County Conservation Officer

      Dale Gardner, wildlife biologist